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Singapore "Star-dog" 28 Dec 2007 - 2 Jun 2023

About Waggie Dog Training School…where "Star-dogs" are born!
Leading dog training school in Singapore

Established in 1985 by Singapore’s Star-dog trainer Patrick Wong, Waggie Dog Training started with a notion to build a two-way relationship with man’s best friend. We conduct private and group dog training lessons to provide hands on techniques and proper guidance in training your dog. Our expertise can help your dog avoid improper reactions to outside stimuli.

Many of our trained dogs have gone on to make TV appearances, stage performances, world class musicals as well as magazines and popular prints. We have worked with many world-renowned celebrities like David Copperfield, Cesar Milan, HK popstars like Sally Yeh and Bollywood Superstar like Akshay Kumar. Our Canine projects include productions for StarHub, XinMSN, Osim and world class musicals like Annie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Oliver and many more.

Highly experienced team

Led by Singapore’s most experienced dog trainer with over 35 years of experience having trained over 20,000 dogs, Waggie Dog Training School conducts dog training classes of all levels that meet international competition standards. Patrick is well versed in all aspects of dog training, and is better known as Singapore’s celebrity “Star-dog” trainer for his achievements in training dogs for TV dramas, movies, live shows and world class musicals. He is also an AVS accredited trainer and a licensed dog obedience judge with the Singapore Kennel Club with judging appointments at numerous international dog obedience and canine events. At Waggie, you can be assured that both you and your dog are getting the best training you deserve.

Watch our dog training videos with proven results

Our training advocates a set of good dog training methods that are safe, efficient and effective. Watch our dog training videos and witness our indisputable results.
Waggie is the highest rated dog training school in Singapore with over 1.6K "5 Star" Google reviews. Our customer accolades are unparalleled and testament to our excellent track record.


At Waggie, we conduct private lessons and group classes. We highly recommend group classes for best results because you and your dog get to experience real-life distractions and better motivation levels in a class environment. For the best of both worlds, you can add on a few private lessons to get the one-to-one attention you need for specific dog training concerns.

Our basic dog obedience course will cover all behavioural problems such as toilet/potty training, chewing problems, barking problems, biting and dog aggression. By the end of the 10-week course, you will also have mastered advanced “off leash” techniques where your dog will respond to basic obedience commands without being on the leash.



Dogs need to be trained to be socially acceptable in public places. Dog obedience training is especially important in a multi-racial country like Singapore.


Dog obedience training helps dog owners understand the fundamentals of dog behaviour to bond better with their canine friend.


Research shows that mental stimulation is important in keeping dogs happy and engaged. It helps to build confidence, alleviate boredom and reduce destructive behaviours.


Obedience training is a great way to build a strong bond with your dog. Training helps build mutual understanding, confidence and trust in both dogs and owners, which are key components of a positive and rewarding human-dog relationship.

However, you may think, my dog is so well-behaved, why does it need training? Training is not just for dogs who already have behavioural issues. Dog behaviours evolve over time and many owners experience issues as the dog matures between one to three years old. It is most effective to start training as early as possible before issues arise, so owners learn the necessary skills to pre-empt problems and nip undesirable behaviours early in the bud. For this reason, we recommend completing the basic obedience course as early as possible, instead of attempting to deal with one issue at a time. Remember that it is never too late to start training – the oldest dog we have trained was 14 years old. On a lighter side of things, the dog training sessions will also allow your furry friend to socialise with other dogs in the class and make friends!


The most acclaimed dog trainer in Singapore with a portfolio that no others can match. Patrick is an accredited dog trainer with the Animal and Veterinary Service, with more than 35 years of experience conducting dog training classes of all levels that meet international competition standards. He has coached countless students towards Dog Obedience competitions, with many winning accolades such as “Obedience Dog of the Year” and “Utility Dog of the Year” titles since 1987. A handful of students who were inspired by his passion have gone professional as well.

Patrick is also the most sought-after “Star Animal” trainer. His trained dogs have been featured very prominently in TV productions, stage performances, musicals as well as press, magazines and TV commercials.

His canine projects include:

  • Stage performance and events: Magician David Copperfield, Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) Dog Show, concerts for HK pop-stars like Sally Yeh
  • World Class Musicals: Annie, Oliver, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • TV Commercials: Ikea, Osim, Nippon Paint, XinMSN, Subaru, StarHub (the famous Sparky) and many more
  • TV Dramas and Movies featuring international artisties like Simon Yam, Sumo Hong, Sam Hui, Ricky Hui, Rosamund Kwan and many more

Patrick advocates a set of good dog training methods that are efficient and effective. The dog obedience training class teaches dog owners to understand the fundamentals of a dog’s behaviour to bond better with their canine friend.

On a lighter side of things, the dog training sessions will also allow your furry friend to socialise with other dogs in the class and make friends!

Excellent customer reviews with proven results

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Sherlyn Chua
Sherlyn Chua
completed the basic obedience training for both my dogs! patrick is committed to making every class worthwhile and we clearly see a huge improvement in both our dogs. would definitely recommend bringing your dogs here!
Valerie Lim
Valerie Lim
Patrick is very jovial during every trainings. He always show us what is the right action to correct the dogs despite its might look harsh but we felt somehow is effective towards certain commands. We also saw there are improvements on Princeton’s walk before he joined Waggie.
Elyse Lim
Elyse Lim
Effective training methods, but it needs to come with practicing with your dog after lessons (aka homework). Large sized training class and training with other dogs helps to see how he copes with distraction. It is a good training to help your dog with basic obedience commands. Thank you
Patrick’s systematic method has helped my dog to be more responsive to instructions! Thank you!
Ronnie Soh
Ronnie Soh
I am a first time dog owner and i thought i could save money and suceed in training my puppy by watching some online videos. However when doing so, i had not understood dog's behaviour and obviously my dog's bad behaviours did not improve . During that time while walking my dog, i had a chance to chat with another dog owner in the neighbourhood and got to know about Waggies. We engaged Patrick and he came to our place, listened to our problems and assessed our dog. He talked about his training methods and showed us how he does it. My wife and i were gobsmacked when we saw our dog actually behaved in public. So we signed up for a beginner obedience course. I had to admit, it was difficult in the beginning and we had doubt in training our dog. However difficult, we preserved and follow Patrick's training methods and now our dog has a better bonding with us and also calmer and obedient . Patrick's course is designed to be progressive for owners and our dog. We did not regret signing up for the obedience lessons as it is a very enriching learning experience for our dog and us.


Dogs In TV & Film Productions

In the early days, animals were considered problematic in local film productions and so were barely seen on TV. This all changed when Patrick’s Border Collie, Waggie, was featured successfully in the 1998 TV drama “My Fair Ladies” alongside Zoe Tay, Aileen Tan & Jazreel Low.

Our Dog Shows & Event

Patrick is not only a dog trainer, but also a devoted organizer of dog shows and dedicated promoter of events. He is very prolific in dog shows that are educational, entertaining, comical and fun for the family. Every show is well supported by a large team to ensure every show is a successful one.