Checklist For Well Behaved Dogs

June 07, 2022 by admin


You may think that you dog can already be considered well mannered or well-behaved. But of course, you would not know until you compare his behavior with those dogs which are considered to be well-trained and domesticated. Of course, part of dog training requires you to observe how he reacts towards different people, scenarios and other dogs.

The Ultimate Well-Behaved Dog Checklist

  • Your dog can and will greet friends and meet new people and animals without shying away, hiding, running or chasing them away.
  • Your dog is a reliable housemate. He barks or alerts you when there’s someone at the door, or if a stranger is entering your property.
  • Your dog stays calm and in place while being groomed. Yes, grooming includes bath time, getting his fur trimmed and his toe nails clipped.
  • Your dog behaves well even during trips to the veterinary clinic. He may flinch or twitch a little while the vet administers his vaccination shots, but this reaction is normal. What you need to watch out for is if he runs or tries to bite his vet or worse, even you.
  • Your dog is able to control his temper when you try to take away his feeding bowl or if you accidentally nudged him. Some dogs get really upset when they feel threatened, so be sure to train him on the proper way to react to such situations.
  • If you dog behaves well around children, then you can consider him well-behaved.
  • Your dog does not rush out the door or drag you while you are both going out for a walk or a short trip to the supermarket.
  • Your dog does not go crazy when you release him from his cage or untie his leash.
  • Your dog should also obey your commands, and is really attentive to the sound of your voice.
  • Your dog can also stay quiet and will bark on command.

These traits are signs of a well-behaved dog. And if all of these are present in yours, then give yourself a pat on the back and your dog a treat for doing a great job.