Patrick started learning the guitar when he was serving his NS, he obtained his grade 8 in guitar playing with the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music in 1982. He became a musician and performed in a band in 1983. He was given the opportunity to do music arrangement for the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) in 1989. They were impressed with his talent and he was asked to compose his first TV Drama theme song “Wishing Well” in 1990. He was torn between music and dog training as a career at that point of time, in the end, he has decided to go with his instinct and chose to be a dog trainer

Despite being a dog trainer for more than twenty years, his passion for music never ceases. He continues to play his guitar during his leisure.Patrick even took part in the Yamaha Guitar Festival in 1998 & got into the final, he played the piece “Prelude & Fugue” (BWV998) by J.S.Bach which demands a significant level of technical mastery on the part of the musician to perform it.

Patrick, the music composer:

Below are some TV theme songs composed by Patrick

Patrick acted in TV drama & HK movies: