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Dog Training Courses

When a new puppy or adult dog arrives in a new home, it can either be a wonderful experience or a horrific nightmare. Urinating and defecating everywhere in the home, destruction of household furnishings and owner possessions, wild uncontrollable behaviour are some of the problems faced by an unlucky pet owner.

Dogs In TV & Film Productions

In the early days, animals were considered problematic in local film productions and so were barely seen on TV. This all changed when Patrick’s Border Collie, Waggie, was featured successfully in the 1998 TV drama “My Fair Ladies” alongside Zoe Tay, Aileen Tan & Jazreel Low.

Our Dog Shows & Event

Patrick is not only a dog trainer, but also a devoted organizer of dog shows and dedicated promoter of events. He is very prolific in dog shows that are educational, entertaining, comical and fun for the family. Every show is well supported by a large team to ensure every show is a successful one.