Search & Rescue Dog Training

Search and rescue dogs play a major role in disaster search around the world. A search and rescue dog is trained to locate missing or buried humans in emergency situations. Search dogs are trained in air scent; it seeks the airborne scent produced by a subject and works the air currents back and forth until it “hits” a human scent.

Records shows that one search dog/handler team can cover up to one square mile of search work per day and is as effective as 100 grid searchers. The number of personnel ad hours required on a search decreases while the probability of detection increases. The search area is subdivided into sectors with one dog/handler team per sector. This system provides the best possible coverage of a search area. However, factors such as terrain, natural barriers, and weather can affect the rate of coverage.

Once the subject has been found, the dog will indicate to the handler by barking or other signals.

Airscenting dogs are versatile. They can be used at any time during a search, including during or after rain, and even at night. They can work after other searchers have been through the area, and can be deployed days or weeks after a subject has been reported missing.

Patrick has produced operationally qualified search teams with the Singapore Civil Defence Force & has been emplaced in a volunteer search & rescue team for disaster mitigation missions that requires search dogs.