When a new puppy or adult dog arrives in a new home, it can either be a wonderful experience or a horrific nightmare. Urinating and defecating everywhere in the home, destruction of household furnishings and owner possessions, wild uncontrollable behaviour are some of the problems faced by an unlucky pet owner. Some dogs may also exhibit dominant and aggressive behaviour that often cut short an otherwise long relationship

More dogs are given up each year for behavioural problems than for any other reasons. Due to overpopulation in most animal control shelters, many confused and frightened animals are put to sleep each day. Such a sorry end for our furry friends could have been prevented if they have been brought in for dog training by their owners.

Why Your Puppy Needs Training Class?

You may be able to teach your puppy to come, sit, or stay at home, but will he be able to perform those tasks successfully beyond the boundaries of your house and yard? Dog training takes your pet out of that comfort zone and places him in an unfamiliar setting. This helps him internalize the fact that he needs to obey your commands no matter where the two of you may be.