Dogs In TV & Film Productions

Trained Dogs for TV Commercials

In the early days, animals were considered problematic in local film productions and so were barely seen on TV. This all changed when Patrick’s Border Collie, Waggie, was featured successfully in the 1998 TV drama “My Fair Ladies” alongside Zoe Tay, Aileen Tan & Jazreel Low.

The success of Waggie as a canine co-star in a drama series started to change the view long held by television producers that dogs are unmanageable in film studio. Since then, the use of canine co-stars have became more popular in TV serials, commercials, live shows and stage musicals.
(see below for a sample of projects)

Waggie-Junior, our 4 year old Bearded Collie, was cast as a devoted and brave dog who saved his owner’s life in the TV serial “Mr OK” in December 1998. It was the first time in the history of local film that a dog was cast in a major role. Junior was given only 2 months of dog training to perform in the 10-episode drama. Mr OK was broadcast in July 1999. Junior received an amazing reception with a total vote count of 3,869 in Media City making him the most popular cast member in the tv series.  

Watch Junior in “Mr OK” & our TV productions