Why is training your dog important?

June 08, 2022 by admin

Training your dog is an important part of any dog’s life and is important for many reasons. It provides mental stimulation and physical exercise which help to keep your dog happy. It is also an owner’s social responsibilities to ensure that their dog is well behaved in public, especially in a multi-racial country like Singapore.

Training also allows our dogs to learn what is socially acceptable in public places. It also enable us as owners to control and command our dogs as and when is necessary.

Training also allows your puppy to socialise with other dogs & behave himself as they grow into an adult dog.

Group training lessons versus private training lessons:

We conduct both group and private training lessons. The group training classes are conducted in a few designated training grounds at a specific time and day. For private training, it will be a one-to-one training class. The location, time and venue of training can be decided between the trainer and the dog owner.

We strongly recommend group class as it is important for dogs to be trained to respond to command in the presence of distractions i.e. other dogs. It helps to put the dog under control in time of emergencies. Group lesson is also more economical and motivational as you will be training together with other dog owners. It is also more enjoyable. All our best trained dogs come from our group training classes.

Does training cover behavioral problems?

Our obedience training classes also address behavioural problems faced by dog owners.

Some of the common behavioural problems include the following:

House breaking / toilet training:
this is the most common problem with first time dog owners & their new puppies.

this can be a nuisance to neighbours, many dogs are given up because of excessive barking.

Dogs with uncontrollable behaviour can post danger to themselves and other people or animals.

Dog aggression can be a stressful problem for many dog owners.

Obedience training is like buying insurance, the earlier you start training your dog, the earlier you benefit from the training. Many owners often wait till the dogs develop problems then they start to consider sending them for training lessons. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, it is always better to train the dog to behave in a desirable manner from day one than trying to break or unlearn a bad habit or behaviour. Dogs’ character changes over different phases of their life. As a dog grows, his behaviour changes. For example a Rottweiler puppy may be playful and mild tempered, however, as it reaches adulthood, it may become protective towards his owner or his food when his guarding instinct is developed. Its guarding instinct may appear as a form of aggression problem when it is deemed unacceptable in some situations or occasions.

It is always recommended to put the dog into training before any of these unwanted behavior develops.

Our training method has stood strong through the test of time and have proven to be successful and effective. Over the past 30 years, Waggie has been consistently producing top dogs in obedience competitions. We are also actively involved in many local TV & film production and also stage musicals and performances.

We post many videos on our video gallery of our training sessions where you can witness how the training was conducted. There is no ‘behind door treatment’ or camera tricks involved. All training exercises are done in the presence of the dog owners. What you see in the video is what you will expect in the training class.

To achieve good and effective training, it requires:

a good set of training program that works effectively.

time and effort is invested into the training routine daily.

Adhere closely to the trainer’s instructions and DO THE RIGHT THING.

Choosing the RIGHT trainer:

Unlike lawyers or doctors, dog trainers are not required to be certified by paper qualifications to practice. Although there may be many ‘dog trainer’ schools and associations in the world that offer dog training or behavioural courses, you will realize that one is not required to own a dog to take up such courses. And the courses can be completed in very short duration with professional titles. Dog training requires experiences, these experiences require many years to accumulate, the exposures to train different types and breeds of dogs.

What you should be looking for is a trainer who consistently produces well trained dogs and maintain a good track records.

In Waggie, we have trained no less than 15,000 dogs, over 100 various breeds in the last 3 decades.

Come join us and be rewarded with a life changing experience for your dog and you.