In loving memory of Singapore “Star-dog” Sheppi
28th Dec 2007 – 2nd Jun 2023

I’ve had countless loving memories with Sheppi. He joined us on many adventures, events, competitions, expos, TV productions and many fun activities.
Although he rapidly became very weak in his last few days, he showed great courage and strength throughout. I still remember that the vets would always say that his health was great even at the age of 14 and even early 15. As he grows older, he had difficulties getting up to walk, yet he somehow managed to surprise everyone by standing up on his own without our help. I was worried for him at times, but knew that he would be strong enough to pull through. Surely enough, he did.
When his time came, it seems like he knew, he still held on firmly. He was very calm during the dreaded last minutes, until his last breath.
Sheppi was a major and important part of my childhood, and I only wish I can remember my time with him more clearly. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the time we’ve spent together and I wouldn’t trade anything for it.

“I will be forever grateful you are in my life. Words cannot express my feelings to have you being my best friend.”

Rest in peace Sheppi.
Your best friend always – Isaac Wong

Sheppi’s moments of glory: