Bringing A Puppy Home For The First Time

May 12, 2022 by admin

It is always exciting to bring home a puppy for the first time. Not only are puppies cute, but they can also grow into great companions and life-long friends. Although there are many popular dog breeds in Singapore, we still need to ensure the breed or temperament of a particular dog breed fits our lifestyle and personality. Once you have decided on a puppy to adopt, there are many essentials you need to know and preparations to take before actually bringing it home. Do not worry though, with the right dog training, time, patience and passion, you will be able to train your puppy to grow into a wonderful family member.

What You Need To Stash Away

A puppy is not unlike a toddler who needs a lot of your time and care. They tend to chew almost everything they can get their paws on so it is necessary to puppy-proof the house. All electrical cords and any small items that may cause harm to a curious puppy have to be secured and kept out of reach. There are also items in the home that can be toxic to puppies. Chocolates, cigarette residue, ant-traps etc. are things that you really need to clear away because these may be fatal to a small puppy when ingested.

What You Need To Get

  • Collar and Leash
    A collar is an absolute essential item that can hold your puppy’s identification and other critical information. For your puppy’s first collar, you can consider getting an adjustable nylon collar with a two-piece buckle. The width of the collar should be enough for you to fit 2 fingers between the collar and neck. A leash is meant to attach to the collar to let you lead and control your puppy’s movements during walks and obedience training. Ensure that the leash is well-made with a strong link to the collar with an easy-to-grip loop.



  • Crates and Containment

    Crates and containments help keep young pets in a safe area so you are able to monitor and housetrain them. A crate fitted with a bed and blanket creates a warm and cosy home for your puppy. Crates come in various materials including stainless steel, plastic and fiber-glass, but when choosing one for a young puppy, consider plastic or fiber-glass because they are lightweight and safer for travelling in a vehicle. Size-wise, make sure that your puppy is able to stand up, lie down, turn around and stretch. Outside the crate, you may want to confine it to a safe area during play time. For this, you may get containment devices like a baby gate or play pen.

  • Food and Water Bowl

    Your new furry friend will need its own bowls for food and water. Plastic ones are usually too lightweight and may harbour bacteria whereas ceramic bowls can be easily broken. The best choice would be a stainless steel one which is easy to clean, strong and not easy for your puppy to carry around.

  • Grooming Supplies

    Grooming your dog at a young age is useful to help your puppy learn to behave calmly during the process. To prepare for the grooming routine, here are some items you need:

    • Shampoo and conditioner
    • Nail clipper
    • Comb & Brush
    • Ear cleaning solution and cotton balls
    • Towels
  • Identification
    All dogs entering Singapore need to have a microchip surgically implanted under the skin. Although dogs born in Singapore do not need to be microchipped, it is highly encouraged so that lost dogs can be easily tracked down. Dogs that are found and brought to the SPCA are aways scanned for a microchip. All dogs over 3 months old require a dog license with the AVA. For visible identification, get an ID tag that can be attached to the collar with at least your name and contact information.
  • Toys
    Toys can be very useful for an energetic puppy to expand energy. You will need chew toys to satisfy its need to gnaw, plush toys for comfort and fetch toys like balls and discs.

The First Few Days

Like humans, dogs also have emotional needs. It takes a few days or sometime weeks for the puppy to adjust to the new environment. While entering the premises of your home, keep it calm and as quiet as possible and start by calling it by its name so that in time your puppy will start recognising it. Leave them for a moment to roam around but avoid leaving them out of sight. Walk them around the house and let them soak in the new surroundings. It is common for puppies to suffer from separation anxiety after leaving their mother and their litter-mates behind. During this adjustment period, the puppy may feel low and a lot of crying may follow. You will need to be patient and show them affection to help them get used to this new way of living. Spending time with them is crucial at this stage as they will definitely feel lonely during this period.

It is good to decide with family members about responsibilities to be shared, where and when the puppy will sleep, eat and play. This should be done before the puppy arrives to avoid conflict and confusion. Prepare and carry out a schedule for their daily habits such as toileting, feeding, napping and training sessions. They need a proper nutritional diet and exercise to ensure they grow up healthy. Schedule appointments regularly with a veterinarian for vaccinations and routine check-ups. Many professional veterinarians can be found in Singapore that provide expert advice on dog health care, apart from general treatment procedures.

Surviving the first couple of nights with your puppy might prove the most challenging part of this journey. Understanding their needs is necessary. Try not to let the puppy sleep with you in your bed as some distance is necessary to help it learn sleeping manners and recognise its sleeping place. The challenging part happens when the puppy starts crying all night and you will have to resist the temptation to bring it to bed with you. If the puppy continues to moan and you are sure that he needs attention, you may have to comfort him for a while. Try not to over-cuddle – a gentle shake and a light pat or brushing to their back will usually do the job.

Sharing love is one of the biggest gift we can give to them. But giving affection in a proper way and at the right time is essential. Accept and treat them like a member of the family you will see their love and loyalty towards you.