Netflix dog training, best ways to discipline a puppy, dog treats

June 09, 2022 by admin


At Waggie, star dogs are born! Searching the internet for best ways to discipline a puppy is tough. Why not leave your puppies in the hands of a trustworthy and experienced dog training school where all your Netflix dog training dreams can come to life. Training doesn’t have to be hard – we share some tips on to use treats to motivate your dog during obedience training.

  1. Use small treats

It is easy to overdo it with treats, so help your dog maintain his or her weight by using small treats or pieces of treats. You can check out dog treat subscription boxes like Supawbox which carefully curates high quality, premium and nutritious treats that are perfect for obedience training.

  1. Reward a calm-submissive state of emotion

Don’t unintentionally reward hyperactive behaviour! Wait till your dog is in the right frame of mind because you want to promote calm behaviour.

  1. Don’t bribe your dog

You should share reinforcement by giving attention or affection, and eventually rely less on dog treats

  1. Reward each step toward desired behaviour

Don’t try to get your dog to perform the whole task before giving the treat. You want to reward progress towards the ultimate goal. Sometimes, this progress may even be accidental. For instance, you might be training your dog to sit, and he lowers his butt a little. Give him a treat anyway. Eventually, he’ll figure out what the treat is connected to after you have repeated this action a few times.

  1. Try different treats

One issue with food-oriented obedience training is your dog’s taste. The treat you are using may not be delicious enough to be exciting and motivate the behaviour you desire. Hence, going to a pet store and buying only 1 brand may be futile. That is why Waggie partners with Supawbox as the reward of choice for obedience training. Supawbox has a monthly treats and toy box that is not just perfect for dog training, but also easy on the wallet and convenient for pet owners. You don’t have to have a headache looking for the best treats as Supawbox will curate the best treats for you. Not only that, their monthly subscription box also includes high quality pet amenities like wipes, and useful toys that will come in handy during training. For instance, you can combine giving the treat with a sound that a squeaky toy makes. Your dog will associate the sound with a reward, and over time it will take the place of the treat.

Some dogs are more food-oriented, but if food doesn’t capture your dog’s attention, try the toys that come in the subscription box. However for dogs with a big appetite for a tasty treat, always opt for a healthy reward!! There is free delivery for all subscription plans at Supawbox, saves you time and money, and keeps your pup happy with all premium treats. With the most basic plan you get 1x chew, 1x treat, 1x toy, 1x necessity at only $24.90 per month for 12 months.

Head over to Supawbox now to explore an amazing world of high quality toys, dog treats and necessities all in 1 handy pack, with single purchase available too. Your dog will thank you during obedience training.