Dog Cruise Singapore

June 08, 2022 by admin

The making of Royal Albatross TVC

Jack – Autumn (Border Collie):
“I had the opportunity to be involved in the filming of the Royal Albatross Dog Cruise led by Waggie dog school. It was pawfessionally carried out as the dogs were carefully guided to showcase their best in the assigned roles. We enjoyed experience thoroughly. “

Rose – Sprinkles (Maltipoo):
It was an amazing, pawesome experience, although they switched my identity to a female role (they even want to make me put on lingerie but I refused)

Crew – Nugget (Golden Retriever):
“An eye opening experience with “star-dog” trainer – Patrick Wong to observe how dogs are use in media productions and learning the proper technique to keep Nugget calm and cooperative throughout the filming. 

Crew – Cutie (Cavadoodle):
We are so grateful for the opportunity to participate and observe this media production. It was even more incredible watching how we could use our dog training skills in TV productions . Our dog trainer, Patrick Wong, was so experienced and knew exactly what to do to get the dogs to perform their “human” roles on screen. Amazing experience of a lifetime!