Why are people afraid of dogs?

June 08, 2022 by admin

Fear is a very intense emotion that tends to paralyze and completely overwhelm the afflicted person. When we are deeply afraid of something, we lose our ability to reason and comprehend the situation and environment we are in. In other words, fear makes the person disoriented and confused.

Fear can have many different causes, but the most likely one is an early childhood trauma that leaves an imprint on the person’s psyche. In any case, fear represents loss of control and being in a situation where we feel helpless. Some people fear spiders or snakes while others fear dogs. This doesn’t represent the person’s conscious attitude or a choice, it is simply a powerful reaction when confronted with a dog.

The problem with fear is that it also tends to reinforce itself. Once a situation causes fear, merely thinking about it is sure to cause additional waves of fear, thus completely blocking any chance of a solution. This is why fear is best dealt with the help of a trusted person. In the case of dogs, it is an experienced Dog Trainer.

The solution to fear of dogs is always to help the person feel in control when in the company of a dog. For this purpose, a Dog Trainer should first have ample time with the dog and make sure it is properly socialized and can handle the company of people.

Dog Training is crucial for getting rid of fear of dogs. It must be thorough, it must be consistent and done by a licensed and experienced professional. By making sure that the dog is always well behaved and obeys the commands of the human, we can teach the person how to handle dogs before exposing it to them.

There are dog breeds that produce very imposing and threatening dogs, both in size and dominant behavior. While the body size can’t be so readily controlled, all dogs regardless of size can undergo Dog Obedience Training and thus become harmless and calm in their demeanor. This way, we create perfect companions for us humans, companions that can live in our houses under our rules.

Being afraid is completely normal. However, you should always strive towards living life without fear. Overcoming your fear is best accomplished by facing it, first in small portions and in controlled environment and then in real circumstances. Only by conquering the same situations that used to create fear in you can you break the cycle. Dog obedience Training can help your dog become the best it can be.