Why Your Puppy Needs Training Classes

June 07, 2022 by admin

It happens when you’re least expecting it. Your friend casually asks when you’re going to sign your puppy up for some dog training classes; and that simple query starts a flow of anxious questions in your mind: “Why does my puppy need dog training? Can’t I teach him what he needs to know? What if my puppy interacts badly with the other pets and starts biting, or get bitten? Suppose I don’t like the trainer’s philosophy or strategies?”

Step back, take a breath, and consider this — even top dog trainers in Singapore take their own pets to obedience classes. Why? Because the benefits go far beyond your pup learning a few simple commands. A dog obedience class teaches your puppy social skills that he will use for the rest of his life. Find out more about the benefits of puppy training, for you and for your pet.

Social Experience

If your dog is always at home with you and your family, he may develop anxieties about relating to others of his own kind. Before that reclusive behavior starts to set in, take your puppy to dog obedience class. He will learn how to politely interact with other animals, how to react correctly to aggression or friendliness, and most importantly, how to trust you to be there for him in any setting, with any combination of dogs and people present.

Accessible Advice

Is your dog acting out or performing some new, worrying behavior? Ask your Singapore dog trainer about it. The trainer has likely been working with dogs for years and has seen it all. He or she can certainly give you some helpful advice and some ideas to try so that you can get to the root of your pet’s behavioral issue. Along with your local veterinarian in Singapore, your dog’s trainer serves as part of your support team as a pet owner.

A New Challenge

Chances are, your puppy has the natural playful instinct of dogs her age. She wants to gambol and romp with other young dogs, and dog obedience class is a way for her to play in a controlled environment.

The exercises and routines that the dogs perform in class are like a game to them. During each lesson, your dog’s brain is engaged, her attention is demanded, and she is kept busy and active. It’s healthy for your dog to have this type of challenge, especially if she spends a lot of time at home while you are at work and other family members are also out of the house.


Varied Settings

You may be able to teach your puppy to come, sit, or stay at home, but will he be able to perform those tasks successfully beyond the boundaries of your house and yard? Dog training takes your pet out of that comfort zone and places him in an unfamiliar setting. This helps him internalize the fact that he needs to obey your commands no matter where the two of you may be.

Bonding Time

Is your family pet having trouble bonding with a specific member of the household? Have that person take charge during the puppy obedience classes. This forces the dog and the human to work together and to develop trust between them. Gradually, a strong bond will form.