Your Meadow-Munching Canine

June 08, 2022 by admin

Sometimes, your dog just acts weird. You try not to let it bother you — after all, he is from a completely different species — but certain behaviors may really get on your nerves. Like when your dog gobbles grass and then becomes severely sick all over your lawn, or worse, your carpet. Or when your dog browses your backyard or your local Singapore park, hunting for a few choice blades of grass to munch. It’s odd behavior, to be sure. So why does your dog engage in these apparently pointless activities? Why is grass the number one plant that dogs like to eat?

No one can climb inside a dog’s head and precisely identify the thought process or instinct that leads to eating grass. However, dog training experts and researchers have a few theories.

See Food, Must Eat

Have you ever stared at a lush green lawn, deep with long, fresh grass, and wondered what it would taste like? Maybe not; but your dog may be thinking along those lines. One theory that explains a dog’s grass-eating urge is your pet’s basic canine urge to eat food wherever and whenever it is available.

Your pooch may be well-fed, but that doesn’t stop him from begging for scraps under the table or scavenging bits of leftovers off a family member’s plate. So when your dog sees that juicy green grass growing everywhere, he may experience the urge to try it. If he likes the taste or the way it feels in his mouth, he may continue eating it until his stomach declines to accommodate this new kind of food.

Fiber Binge

Some Singapore dog training professionals and health experts suspect that a dog who eats grass may be trying to meet a nutritional need. There may be a deficit of fiber or a particular nutrient in his diet, which he is attempting to supplement by eating grass. If you notice your dog consuming more grass than usual, take stock of his diet and talk to your vet about supplementing with extra nutrients, vitamins, or fiber.


Many animals have their own ways of treating themselves when they are ill. About 25% of dogs throw up after eating grass. In these cases, the dog may have been suffering from an upset stomach, and he may eat grass to force an episode of sickness, relieving that discomfort. If your dog seems to be eating grass frequently and vomiting, take him to your vet in Singapore for a checkup. Stomach issues are sometimes symptoms of an inflamed bowel, gastric reflux, or another painful condition that needs attention.

Pesticide Poisons

Concerned about your dog’s periodic grass snacking? Let the worry go, because in all likelihood your dog is fine, and the behavior is normal. However, if your pet frequently munches mouthfuls of grass, keep any pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers off your lawn. In areas where you think such harmful substances are in use, prevent your dog from consuming the grass. The next time you’re tempted to wrinkle your nose at your dog’s odd habit, remember that many of the things you do seem just as quirky from a canine perspective.