Living in the City with Dogs

June 08, 2022 by admin

Tips to live your life melodiously with dogs without creating any chaos within your neighbors


To live with a dog in a building or flat one must go through discretion first. It’s nothing hard to raise up an adorable puppy. Treating our neighbors well totally depends on us first, if we care for them we must manage the activities of our dogs so that they couldn’t harm anyone. As before throwing a party we ping our neighbors that it will be fun a day and send them invitation for joining us and take care of loud music in late evening etc., we can do the same if we have a dog, we can take care of our neighbors by control the whimpers and bowwows of our dog and by centralizing his movement within our own plot.

Dogs shall be raised up in careful observation. Leaving a paced tender aged dog alone to roam around for making him smart and self-dependent is nothing but foolishness as it can cause demolition and make him bark wildly due to frustration.

It’s better for a new dog owner to take some suggestion about how to maintain a dog in a proper manner from an experienced dog owner or from a professional pet or dog trainer.

Some topics are listed below on which a dog owner can discuss with the dog training in charge and the people residing in the same apartment:

Noise related to barking or whimper:
A dog shall do some instructed exercise regularly and it is very important for a dog to be taken to a daily walk in the locality so that he can be more familiar with. If pet dogs can be taken for the walk easily then the dog owner can take him for a walk and if it is hard to handle them then one can hire a professional dog roamer to do the task. It makes the dog feel fresh which cause a happy mood and less barking.
Sometimes affliction for dissociation causes rude barking. If a dog seems to snatch or bite a wall or door it could be because of that. It mostly happens with newly bought puppies. The solution for this is to undergo him through a puppy training center.

Indifferent Dogs:
It’s not enough to bring a dog home, admit him in dog obedience classes and for rest of the day leave him alone. That makes him bored and causes barking due to frustration. When you are at home, spend your time with your dog, play with him, make him find his food which is hidden by you within your plot, if he is hygienic then play with them using bones. You can also play balls, exercise with him, adore him, makes him feel comfortable with you so that he doesn’t feel lonely.

All dogs are not same. When we bring a dog into our home it is comparatively a fast paced environment for him, where he meets new people look-wise and nature-wise different than him, different habits, much noisy and crowded atmosphere, different smells and activities etc. Some dogs pass to adjust in a new atmosphere but some of them can’t do so because of the fear of the unknown which causes aggression and resulted in an invasion. To prevent this, one needs to take care of his activities that shall not put his dog suddenly in the fearful situation. Suppose that you take a lift where already another dog is present, it may be a fearful situation for your dog which causes him to snatch or bite. Keep your dog away from strange or giant looking things or people, which makes the dog aggressive. Slowly introduce him to things and people who are unknown to him that helps to control his behavior towards them. Often give your dog a yummy treat. Before letting your dog meet another dog, check about the other dog’s nature and the dog owner’s ability to understand Dog’s language. There is a school of dog training in Singapore which trains dogs by their expert instructors for all behavioral and fear related issues.

When you let others meet your dog make sure that your pet is ready to meet strangers specially observe it for children. If you think your pet dog is not yet ready to meet new people then doesn’t let others meet him as your dog may harm them due to fear. Chain him in a place where he can see people who are coming in your house until you can manage his behavior into normal. Start by taking an initiative to introduce your people separately with your dog. Tell them to pat on the dog’s back, shake hand with him, let your dog smell them, play with them. This way your dog can be trained to greet new people and won’t jump on them or harm them.

Daily Exercise:
It’s better to enroll your dog in a dog training school so that he can learn the primary behavior and undergo through daily exercise which is very important for his health and mood. Due to some natural calamities or in the case of different mood your dog may not be able or want to go out for exercise. So if a personalized exercise place and method can be maintained within the home or residing area, then it may give a good result. Exercise through games is a better option for regular exercises as it encourages the dog to do exercise daily.

Be decent. Let your dog learn from you good manners and behaviors towards things. Check your own behavior in front of him so that he can check his behavior. Cure him with affection if he meets any accident. Look at the hygiene portion also.

Dog Haters:
Just because you love dogs it’s not necessary that all will follow you. Dog owners should be aware of this fact that dogs are a source of fear for some people as they consider the dog as a wild animal from any previous worse experience. They won’t be able to understand the bond between a dog and his owner so expecting affection for your dog can disappoint you at the end. You must hear from them the complaints if any and use them for guiding your dog in a better way and maybe one day you make those people fearless by maintaining your dog to behave well and friendly.